Construction and Mining
To pave the way for providing safer, more cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
Metal powder technology for mining and construction equipment
For the development of high-performance and durable machines that can withstand the harsh environments of the construction and mining industries, we are very clear about what is the driving force.
Our extremely tough metal powder surface, with the latest laser cladding technology, can greatly extend the service life of a range of excavation and road construction equipment, including bucket wear plates, drill bit teeth, and hydraulic components.
We have successfully replaced the harmful chromium plating used on the piston rods of hydraulic cylinders for lifting heavy loads in the mining industry with hard metal powder coatings. In this way, excellent metallurgical bonding can minimize porosity, improve corrosion resistance, and eliminate the risk of cracking.
We believe that metal powder solutions have unlimited potential in this industry field. We are validating our ideas in other applications, paving the way for providing safer, more cost-effective and sustainable solutions to replace existing processes in the construction and mining industries.
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