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product number product name Basic performance Main applications
DA —Ni35Nickel based alloy powder

HRC: 30-40 has low hardness,

 good self solubility, corrosion 

resistance, good wear resistance, 

high-temperature oxidation 

resistance, and low stress impact 


Used for repairing or protecting valve gears, impact sliders, cylinder liners, tobacco crushers, glass molds, and other components with temperatures below 650 ° C.
DA —Ni45Nickel based alloy powder

HRC: 40-50 medium hardness,

 good self fusibility, resistance to 

wrist corrosion, wear resistance, 

high temperature oxidation 

resistance, and low stress impact


Used for repairing or protecting components such as shafts, valves, valves, cylinder liners, plungers, pump blades, tobacco hammers, etc. with operating temperatures below 650 ° C.
DA —Ni60Nickel based alloy powder

HRC: 55-65 has high hardness,

 good self melting, corrosion 

resistance, high-temperature 

oxidation resistance, and excellent resistance to

 inter metal wear.

Repair or protection of hot extrusion molds, piston rods, plungers, pump blades, fan blades, metal wire guide wheels, and other components working in environments below 650 ° C.
DA —NiAINickel coated aluminum powder

Self bonding powder with good 

bonding strength and surface

 properties to be sprayed.

Used as a bonding substrate for working coatings.
DA —AI2O3+13TiO2Aluminum oxide/13 titanium powder

The coating is dense, with low 

porosity, good toughness, corrosion

 resistance, and wear resistance to

 particles, hard surfaces, fibers, 

micro vibrations, cavitation, and 

particle erosion.

Used for spraying components such as mud pump plunger, printing conveyor, wire drawing drum, guide wheel, roller rod, mechanical sealing ring, punch crankshaft, sleeve, etc.
DA —AI2O3/TiO2Aluminum oxide/titanium powder

Ceramic composite materials used for wear-resistant coatings on mechanical components. It is formed by

 agglomeration of nanoparticles, with high density and good fluidity, and


 average particle size of 30 μ M.

It is an outstanding Thermal spraying material used in occasions requiring excellent wear resistance, abrasion and corrosion performance at high temperature. Thermal spraying materials can be sprayed with plasma spray gun.
DA —WC/CoTungsten carbide powder

The powder consists of WC

 nanoparticles and C. Composition of adhesive phase matrix. The powder

 is agglomerated particles with a

 particle size of 5< φ< forty-five μ m. Good flowability, suitable for 

supersonic flame spraying (HVOF).

Wear resistant coating with extremely high hardness. It is used as a super coating material for occasions requiring extraordinary Fracture toughness while requiring wear resistance, abrasion and corrosion properties.
DA —Cr2O3Chromium Oxide

High hardness, low friction

 coefficient, wear resistance and

 polishing, good performance, 

making it an excellent coating material for wrist corrosion and wear 

resistance. High covering ability and magnetism.

Wear-resistant particle wear, hard and abrasive wear, and particle erosion coating below 540 ° C: gas erosion resistant coating; Corrosion and wear resistant coatings for components used in chemical media below 250 ° C.
DA —AI2O3alumina powderWear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, low friction coefficient, making it an excellent anti abrasive wear, hard surface wear, fiber wear, particle erosion, and cavitation coating.Used for spraying components such as pump mechanical seals, mud pump piston rods, hydraulic turbine blades, valve heads, valve seats, guide rollers, friction discs, etc.
DA —AI2O3+40TiO2Aluminum oxide/40 titanium powderThe coating is dense, with high bonding strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.Used for spraying components such as transmission gear journals, grinding and polishing fixtures, hydraulic electric valves, textile machinery guide wheels, chemical pump shafts, compressor shafts, etc.
DA —WC/CoSintered tungsten carbide powderThe powder is composed of WC particles and Co adhesive phase sintered. Particle size 15< φ< forty-five μ m. Good flowability for HVOF and explosive spraying.Wear-resistant coating with extremely high hardness is used in situations where wear resistance, erosion resistance, and strong wear resistance are required.